I’m not really sure what I’m doing here. Am I a real writer? I don’t think so. But I do enjoy writing. Even though I post on this once every few months (years?) It seems like.

Welp, here’s something I wrote last night and finished this morning. Maybe I can do a better job of keeping this up than knitting.

Something Different

Broken, smashed
Life had brought me down.
I needed a pillow to land on.
Something sweeter than
What was intangible before.
Misunderstood nothingness
At its finest.
Something wonderful,
A stare at me from across the room.
Not a haphazard thought
When you’re feeling lonely.
Something different,
Something good,

Also, in knitting news, I finished a sweater I’ve been working on for almost two years, I believe? Yay, Shannan!

We’re currently in California on vacation so I’ve gotten a lot of knitting time fortunately. I can’t waiting to get this finished up. Too bad it’s AlOST winter and it’s pretty much too late to wear it. Ugh.

New Year, Many Projects!

I’ve been trying very hard to force myself to knit so that I can enjoy knitting again. I’m filling my head with project ideas to make it easier and I’m in love again. I’ve finished two hats and I’m almost done with another. I got my yarn pile from I’m so ready!

First FO of the year!

Second hat:

Current hat:

Seams to weave in ūüėź

And current ongoing, yearlong project:

Another shot since I’m in love with this blanket:


My goal this year is also to do a lot of Charity knitting. Hopefully I’ll keep going this year! Last year, I kind of fell off the wagon… Until next time!


I’m back!

Or am I? I’m not particularly sure.

But I’m hoping that maintaining my blog will HOPEFULLY help me to accomplish my knitting goals for next year and there are MANY.

I am hoping to maintain some KAL’s…

As of right now they are:

Slay The Stash Slay the Stash

Commit To Knit Commit to Knit

Self Indulgent KAL Self Indulgent KAL

I’m hoping I can remain committed this year!! I will probably be double dipping these projects so I don’t drive myself crazy. And I only have so much time.

I did a pretty good job of outlining my goals and I’m making good progress on them already. This may be just another word press blog that sticks around…

Maybe ūüôā

Purple Rain!

I finally finished this hat and scarf set for a dear sister in my old English congregation. Done in a week!

Things are looking up! I’m just doing what I need to do and hoping for the best.

So knitting fun. I need to finish my mom’s sweater pictured below:


I just need to finish the ribbing and the sleeves! I can’t wait to be done. It’s based off the $5 Dollars in Paris pattern on Ravelry. This is a great versatile raglan sweater pattern.

And also, today is a Music Monday. Go listen to MNEK right now!



I’m going to try this again…

So I tried to keep a blog right? How did that work? It didn’t. So I’m going to try this again. Fridays will be my blogging day where I’ll update you guys on my knitting projects. Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to lately…

I’ll do better photos next Friday. Does anyone know some good, free sock patterns for worsted weight yarn?


Shannan Claire

I hate when…

My knitting gets in the way if other things. Like I totally need to be focusing on schoolwork and practicals and I’ve been wasting time on this beautiful pattern. It’s called Abalone (look it up on ravelry!) I want to finish it so badly but I need to put it down and do more important things so badly too. Gah. Choices are so hard to make. Fashion and failing or…. Work?