New Year, Many Projects!

I’ve been trying very hard to force myself to knit so that I can enjoy knitting again. I’m filling my head with project ideas to make it easier and I’m in love again. I’ve finished two hats and I’m almost done with another. I got my yarn pile from I’m so ready!

First FO of the year!

Second hat:

Current hat:

Seams to weave in 😐

And current ongoing, yearlong project:

Another shot since I’m in love with this blanket:


My goal this year is also to do a lot of Charity knitting. Hopefully I’ll keep going this year! Last year, I kind of fell off the wagon… Until next time!



Knitting at the airport

Our flight to New York was delayed 2 hours. This is what I cranked out! I haven’t even boarded the plane and I am almost finished with one of my projects. I have four more days of vacation too 😕

Pink lemonade hat!
Pink lemonade hat!

I hope we board soon. JFK… You ain’t cool.

quickie project

So some of my friends have a phone case that I greatly envyed. It was this cute little person like thing that holds up your phone on the rearview mirror. Its five dollars at Walmart I heard. But I’m too cheap to by that. So I made one out of aluminum wire! I just twisted it around itself for stability and added arms to hold it in place. It took only twenty minutes!


2015 Finished projects

So I totally meant to post my finished projects on Friday but I did not have time because I ended up at a partayyyyyy (yay). But I’m gonna post them here because I’m happy I have two new cowls! My seaming abilities are still terrible but they’re pretty easy to cover up with cowls so that’s alright. Here they are!

Twisted cowl!
Attractive, yes?

This is a twisted cowl I made from leftover wool/acrylic blend yarn. I made it a month ago and decided to sew it together yesterday.

Black and beige mixed print cowl!

This is another cowl I made a few weeks back that no needed to finish. I did such a terrible job with the finishing work but its not noticeable when the cowl is on. I love the mixed colors! I wanted to edit my fashion sense now that I’ve entered my twenties to be more trendy and girly and less tomboy/hipster-esque. And these are awesome pieces to start with!

I wear skirts and dresses a lot so I rarely have a reason to wear pants unless I’m bumming out. I want to kill the long granny skirts this year and wear more midi stuff this year. I need to go back to my boho and maxi skirt days!

And I’m working on some knit stuff for kids! Stay tuned my room will be filled with kiddie hats this week!


My deepest apologies….


I’ve made several attempts to start my knitting blog.

Well everyone, September 22, 2014 is the day.

I promise?

So my life lately. I’ve received many, many orders lately which, don’t get me wrong, is absolutely fantastic!!! I have the opportunity to try new things (I’m making my first set of mittens). I found this awesome pattern for a headband. It’s all pretty cool.

However, i haven’t gotten a chance to finish up my post brain surgery blanket (sadness) and work on the blanket for my cousin who is about to have a baby. Hopefully, I can become better at managing my time and resources so I can work on the projects I adore also!!!

So that pretty headband:

2014-09-22 08.26.48

This is a headband for my aunt. She showed me a picture of the headband she wanted and I just scoured the web for a match and Dee Dee Dee! I found  it. Here’s the link for downloading the pattern if you’re interested!

Here’s a pic of my very first mitten. it’s super tiny but it’s so adorable! i want to knit more mittens now! Winter is coming!! Warm your hands mateys!!

2014-09-22 09.44.16
My wittle baby mitten yay!

I shall keep you all updated on my latest knitting adventures. I promise ;D