my darlings

I have no pictures to post. Hopefully by the end of this weekend I’ll have some pretty pictures for you.

You should totally check out this video:

J. Roddy Walston & The Business – Take It As It Comes


My deepest apologies….


I’ve made several attempts to start my knitting blog.

Well everyone, September 22, 2014 is the day.

I promise?

So my life lately. I’ve received many, many orders lately which, don’t get me wrong, is absolutely fantastic!!! I have the opportunity to try new things (I’m making my first set of mittens). I found this awesome pattern for a headband. It’s all pretty cool.

However, i haven’t gotten a chance to finish up my post brain surgery blanket (sadness) and work on the blanket for my cousin who is about to have a baby. Hopefully, I can become better at managing my time and resources so I can work on the projects I adore also!!!

So that pretty headband:

2014-09-22 08.26.48

This is a headband for my aunt. She showed me a picture of the headband she wanted and I just scoured the web for a match and Dee Dee Dee! I foundĀ  it. Here’s the link for downloading the pattern if you’re interested!

Here’s a pic of my very first mitten. it’s super tiny but it’s so adorable! i want to knit more mittens now! Winter is coming!! Warm your hands mateys!!

2014-09-22 09.44.16
My wittle baby mitten yay!

I shall keep you all updated on my latest knitting adventures. I promise ;D