help! what is this thing???

I should be posting knitting…. I know. But I don’t feel like it and I have a large project I need to work on. My cousins wedding gift. Y’all will see pics of that okay 🙂

I need to identify this flower. I was at the community dock today and I saw this flower. It was the only one of its kind and it was just hanging there! I thought it was so pretty and lonely so I dug through the brush in a skirt and took it home with me. But I do not know what it is. Flower experts, grace me with your knowledge!


And here’s my peach tree!



where have i been?

Doing schoolwork and creeping WordPress and knitting. But not actually posting. I would say this will change but… I doubt it. Not until I finish school completely. Which is a year and a half away. Ugh. Welp. Here’s some carrots I planted. I just started working on my garden today and I was so happy to find these! They will be consumed. Quickly.

Here’s some good music!