I’m not really sure what I’m doing here. Am I a real writer? I don’t think so. But I do enjoy writing. Even though I post on this once every few months (years?) It seems like.

Welp, here’s something I wrote last night and finished this morning. Maybe I can do a better job of keeping this up than knitting.

Something Different

Broken, smashed
Life had brought me down.
I needed a pillow to land on.
Something sweeter than
What was intangible before.
Misunderstood nothingness
At its finest.
Something wonderful,
A stare at me from across the room.
Not a haphazard thought
When you’re feeling lonely.
Something different,
Something good,

Also, in knitting news, I finished a sweater I’ve been working on for almost two years, I believe? Yay, Shannan!

We’re currently in California on vacation so I’ve gotten a lot of knitting time fortunately. I can’t waiting to get this finished up. Too bad it’s AlOST winter and it’s pretty much too late to wear it. Ugh.


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