Methi Chicken – Chicken with Fenugreek


Before I move on with the details of this post, I want to thank my dearest friend Pearl Marina for this lip smacking recipe. ❤


Given the range of soil variety, climate and agriculture, Indian cuisine encompasses a wide range of regional cuisines. Hinduism, primarily advocates, vegetarianism.

Some historians claim. chicken was introduced in Indian cuisine, by the Mughals – the Muslim rulers from Central Asia. This gave birth to the Mughlai cuisine, which is primarily, non- vegetarian.

Food or cuisine in India developed as per religious beliefs. Mughals were fond of rich, aromatic and spicy curries. Use of aromatic spices resulted not only an unique style of cooking food, but also spread around the world through Spice Trade.

The cuisine has evolved over the years, with twists added by passing generations.

Presenting here is an aromatic chicken curry, succulent and rich with the flavor of sun -dried fenugreek leaves…

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chicken teriyaki

I’m trying to get back to cooking after a three week hiatus (school’s fault I promise). The chicken was good. The rice and broccoli were both cooked terribly wrong. Bleh. I should have blogged about yesterday’s successful pan egg “bake”. Our oven is broken so I have to get creative with stove top recipes.