foooood. since the hiatus is over

Hello! Sorry I’ve been away. Somehow in the stupid internet world, my brother’s gmail account hacked my WordPress and took over my account. I don’t even know how that happened. But I got my account under my email again so I’m happy!

Today was my first day of school since my brain surgery. I’m in the occupational therapy assistant program so when I found out I needed surgery last summer, I had to hit pause for a bit. Thanks to Jehovah I’m not dead and my seat was saved in the program! New beginnings yo!

Since I only have one class this semester, my Thursday evenings are completely free to cook and make you drool over what I made 😀

Delicious chocolate chip Blondie recipe I found in one of our cookbooks. I edited it a bit by using a quarter cup less sugar than called for and adding walnuts and coconut.

Blondie’s are the best! Better than brownies in my opinion. I like chocolate but not that much. And of course the main meal. I made a black bean chili with cornbread from scratch and green beans. I’m working on a recipe. I need to make it one more time so I can have exact measurements.


I’ve just been knitting hats so far this year. I want to get enough so I can open a little cart and sell some for spending money. If I have time tomorrow I’ll post some. I was barely blogging when I had free time. Now with school I hope I can still keep up with it all xD


It’s Friday!!!


I must say this week was pretty productive. I’m almost done with the main body of my mom’s sweater. That thing up there? It’s a breakfast casserole. I made my own hashbrowns for it. It was delicious!!!!!!!

I am so sore right now. I’m gonna chill with my needles tomorrow!