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I just got back from a trip from Bay Shore, Long Island, New York. It was a wonderful break from my school life and general life. I haven’t had a real, get away vacation in two years because of my surgery. On this one, we took two trips to the city, took a Bible tour, had an intriguing look at my rich, religious history. Then at the MET, we took an Integrity tour which was really encouraging. It showed the correlation between Greek culture, its influences on modern day culture, and how we can avoid some of the negative effects of this influence. Then we walked around the MET and took pictures all around.

Random object on the rooftop on an attempt to avoid posting their artwork.
Random object on the rooftop on an attempt to avoid posting their artwork.

I did quite a bit of knitting. I finished some great projects. I started a mistake rib scarf from a gorgeous yarn I got from an A. C. Moore on Long Island.


Love it! I can’t wait until its finished. I also finished two hats that I can add to my donation list.



I’m feeling really happy about this. I also just started my own Abalone cardigan. I don’t have a picture yet but I’ll post as that project looks less like a blob.

Ciao homies!


Vesty for my Bestie

I need this in my life. Will I ever have time to knit it?…..

No-Law Knits

If I’m being a smart knitter, a prudent knitter, a practical knitter, then I have a pattern in mind when I go into the yarn store and I buy the perfect gauge and precise amount of yarn I’ll need for my well-planned project. That happens about one out of every six time I go to the yarn store. More often then not, I wander through the store picking up skeins here and there telling myself I’m sure to find the perfect project for each tomorrow afternoon. It’s not often I find the perfect project. I have a large yarn stash. But recently, I did a grand thing and found the perfect project for some Knit Picks Billow chunky cotton I bought on a bit of a whim a few months ago. (It was on SALE. How could I not?) And now, my friends, I give you my racerback vest!

Look at this beauty! Look at this beauty!

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