Current problems:

I’m too stinking hyper so I can’t focus on the fifty million projects I’ll have to eventually turn into school OR give to a customer.

I want to use these stickers that I’ve had over a year but I don’t want to waste them.

So cute it hurts to waste them!!!!!
So cute it hurts to waste them!!!!!

Is that weird?


2015 Finished projects

So I totally meant to post my finished projects on Friday but I did not have time because I ended up at a partayyyyyy (yay). But I’m gonna post them here because I’m happy I have two new cowls! My seaming abilities are still terrible but they’re pretty easy to cover up with cowls so that’s alright. Here they are!

Twisted cowl!
Attractive, yes?

This is a twisted cowl I made from leftover wool/acrylic blend yarn. I made it a month ago and decided to sew it together yesterday.

Black and beige mixed print cowl!

This is another cowl I made a few weeks back that no needed to finish. I did such a terrible job with the finishing work but its not noticeable when the cowl is on. I love the mixed colors! I wanted to edit my fashion sense now that I’ve entered my twenties to be more trendy and girly and less tomboy/hipster-esque. And these are awesome pieces to start with!

I wear skirts and dresses a lot so I rarely have a reason to wear pants unless I’m bumming out. I want to kill the long granny skirts this year and wear more midi stuff this year. I need to go back to my boho and maxi skirt days!

And I’m working on some knit stuff for kids! Stay tuned my room will be filled with kiddie hats this week!


foooood. since the hiatus is over

Hello! Sorry I’ve been away. Somehow in the stupid internet world, my brother’s gmail account hacked my WordPress and took over my account. I don’t even know how that happened. But I got my account under my email again so I’m happy!

Today was my first day of school since my brain surgery. I’m in the occupational therapy assistant program so when I found out I needed surgery last summer, I had to hit pause for a bit. Thanks to Jehovah I’m not dead and my seat was saved in the program! New beginnings yo!

Since I only have one class this semester, my Thursday evenings are completely free to cook and make you drool over what I made 😀

Delicious chocolate chip Blondie recipe I found in one of our cookbooks. I edited it a bit by using a quarter cup less sugar than called for and adding walnuts and coconut.

Blondie’s are the best! Better than brownies in my opinion. I like chocolate but not that much. And of course the main meal. I made a black bean chili with cornbread from scratch and green beans. I’m working on a recipe. I need to make it one more time so I can have exact measurements.


I’ve just been knitting hats so far this year. I want to get enough so I can open a little cart and sell some for spending money. If I have time tomorrow I’ll post some. I was barely blogging when I had free time. Now with school I hope I can still keep up with it all xD