Wow. So in three days I made two knit hat and soaker sets for a woman I’ve known forever. I am so proud of myself its not even funny.


This is one of the sets. The bonnet I basically made up my own pattern. Its took about the three hours. The pants are from the pattern on ravelry called Tiny Pants I believe. I didn’t feel confident enough to do the kitchener stitch so I found a modified one.

However, for the other soaker I didn’t have a choice but to use the Kitchener’s stitch. Ugh. But I’m glad I got to learn it!


Wow. The colors she chose are absolutely fantastic! This was stressful to complete in a weekend but I’m pleased with how everything turned out 🙂

Here’s thewebsite for the last soaker:


Updates on the knitting gardening world!!!!!

Well, I must say I am quite proud of myself. I have several commissioned projects that I have completed and I keep getting more coming in, thanks to Jehovah. Here I was worrying about having a steady job and one has fell right into my lap. Thank you Grandma for giving a how to knit booklet!!!

I made my first pair of mittens for this woman’s granddaughter. Lookie!


I have a sweater my friend commissioned me to do for her…


Yup!!!! I’m working hard. My garden produced its first green bean…


Ahhh. I had been growing collards for the past couple months. I’m glad something else decided to grow.

I made a carrot pie the other day. I need to post the recipe. Actually, find a good pumpkin pie recipe and replace the pumpkin with boiled carriers. It’s delicious!

I shall see you guys!