It’s Friday!!!


I must say this week was pretty productive. I’m almost done with the main body of my mom’s sweater. That thing up there? It’s a breakfast casserole. I made my own hashbrowns for it. It was delicious!!!!!!!

I am so sore right now. I’m gonna chill with my needles tomorrow!



Wow I have done a terrible job at keeping up with finished objects!! I am so sorry. However, I just wanted to post my finished sweater!

My baby

Here’s the beauty! Where’s my humility. Gah!! It took me two months to complete. Thankfully, the customer was patient and she positively loved it. I tried it on and I was so very scared about it. It looked so terrible on me! But somehow, she tried it on and it was perfect! Which was bizarre because we seem so close in body type! Whatever. She loves it. I’m done. New super long project time baby!!!!!!!