Sweater fever :0

Guys. I have sweater fever. I just finished that sweater with the cables. I searched long and hard for the pattern I based my finished product off of and I found it! Its the Super Birthday Sweater. Its my favorite raglan sweater pattern by far because its so easy to make adjustments. Look it up on ravelry!

Anyways, about my sweater fever. My mom wants a sweater now so I am working on one for her. Then I will want one! This is going to be insane. I’m gonna be a super grandma at the age of 20 and I don’t even care. Here’s the start of my moms sweater. She wants a turtleneck which is a change to the pattern. I’m also gonna delete waist shaping. I’m excited! Its her anniversary present!

Redheart sweater! Woot!

Yup! I tried to get my dad to give me an idea of what he would like and he shrugged. I think men are impossible to knit for. My dad doesn’t do hats so that won’t work. I’ll just make him a nice sandwich 😛

I also want to make myself a cute skirt. That is on my list too. And I have three hat orders I should totally start……


Updates on the knitting gardening world!!!!!

Well, I must say I am quite proud of myself. I have several commissioned projects that I have completed and I keep getting more coming in, thanks to Jehovah. Here I was worrying about having a steady job and one has fell right into my lap. Thank you Grandma for giving a how to knit booklet!!!

I made my first pair of mittens for this woman’s granddaughter. Lookie!


I have a sweater my friend commissioned me to do for her…


Yup!!!! I’m working hard. My garden produced its first green bean…


Ahhh. I had been growing collards for the past couple months. I’m glad something else decided to grow.

I made a carrot pie the other day. I need to post the recipe. Actually, find a good pumpkin pie recipe and replace the pumpkin with boiled carriers. It’s delicious!

I shall see you guys!