Purple Rain!

I finally finished this hat and scarf set for a dear sister in my old English congregation. Done in a week!

Things are looking up! I’m just doing what I need to do and hoping for the best.

So knitting fun. I need to finish my mom’s sweater pictured below:


I just need to finish the ribbing and the sleeves! I can’t wait to be done. It’s based off the $5 Dollars in Paris pattern on Ravelry. This is a great versatile raglan sweater pattern.

And also, today is a Music Monday. Go listen to MNEK right now!




Hat test knitting…

I tested a hat forĀ yarnovernewyork! It’s called Barburuti. Stay tuned for the pattern release!

Such a cute hat. My mom stole it from me because it's her fav color :/ We're not friends right now....
Such a cute hat. My mom stole it from me because it’s her fav color :/ We’re not friends right now….

WIP Friday!

In order to force myself to accomplish something with this blog, every Friday I will post some of the many projects I’m working on! I have a sweater, some blankets and baby knitwear to finish up this week. I’m exciting to be knitting so much but I’m Aldo tired. I want to paint something this month before I turn 20.

A friend of mine commissioned me to knit her a cream colored sweater. Its been rough. I apparently have ten shades of cream so the top part is a little off. Fortunately, as part of the sweater this looks like some design or something!



Look at those cables šŸ˜‰ I hope to make my mom a sweater just like this is black (hopefully she’ll choose a more exciting color).

Baby knits! I know a lot of little kids in my kingdom hall who need warmth. Hand crafted warmth. So hopefully I can cough up some hats and scarves for them before this month is over!


And of course, for winter I need a nice blanket. And I definitely need to finish my lavender baby blanket for my cousin…. Before the baby arrives….


Well, hopefully that sweater will be done by next Friday!


My deepest apologies….


I’ve made several attempts to start my knitting blog.

Well everyone, September 22, 2014 is the day.

I promise?

So my life lately. I’ve received many, many orders lately which, don’t get me wrong, is absolutely fantastic!!! I have the opportunity to try new things (I’m making my first set of mittens). I found this awesome pattern for a headband. It’s all pretty cool.

However, i haven’t gotten a chance to finish up my post brain surgery blanket (sadness) and work on the blanket for my cousin who is about to have a baby. Hopefully, I can become better at managing my time and resources so I can work on the projects I adore also!!!

So that pretty headband:

2014-09-22 08.26.48

This is a headband for my aunt. She showed me a picture of the headband she wanted and I just scoured the web for a match and Dee Dee Dee! I foundĀ  it. Here’s the link for downloading the pattern if you’re interested!


Here’s a pic of my very first mitten. it’s super tiny but it’s so adorable! i want to knit more mittens now! Winter is coming!! Warm your hands mateys!!

2014-09-22 09.44.16
My wittle baby mitten yay!

I shall keep you all updated on my latest knitting adventures. I promise ;D