Vesty for my Bestie

I need this in my life. Will I ever have time to knit it?…..

No-Law Knits

If I’m being a smart knitter, a prudent knitter, a practical knitter, then I have a pattern in mind when I go into the yarn store and I buy the perfect gauge and precise amount of yarn I’ll need for my well-planned project. That happens about one out of every six time I go to the yarn store. More often then not, I wander through the store picking up skeins here and there telling myself I’m sure to find the perfect project for each tomorrow afternoon. It’s not often I find the perfect project. I have a large yarn stash. But recently, I did a grand thing and found the perfect project for some Knit Picks Billow chunky cotton I bought on a bit of a whim a few months ago. (It was on SALE. How could I not?) And now, my friends, I give you my racerback vest!

Look at this beauty! Look at this beauty!

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