WIP Friday!

In order to force myself to accomplish something with this blog, every Friday I will post some of the many projects I’m working on! I have a sweater, some blankets and baby knitwear to finish up this week. I’m exciting to be knitting so much but I’m Aldo tired. I want to paint something this month before I turn 20.

A friend of mine commissioned me to knit her a cream colored sweater. Its been rough. I apparently have ten shades of cream so the top part is a little off. Fortunately, as part of the sweater this looks like some design or something!



Look at those cables 😉 I hope to make my mom a sweater just like this is black (hopefully she’ll choose a more exciting color).

Baby knits! I know a lot of little kids in my kingdom hall who need warmth. Hand crafted warmth. So hopefully I can cough up some hats and scarves for them before this month is over!


And of course, for winter I need a nice blanket. And I definitely need to finish my lavender baby blanket for my cousin…. Before the baby arrives….


Well, hopefully that sweater will be done by next Friday!



2 thoughts on “WIP Friday!

    1. Thanks for the comment!!! Knitting is definitely good for relaxing once you get it. Please keep at it! Youtube is wonderful for learning how to do it!

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